Purveyor of Muzzleloading Supplies and Accoutrements

Welcome to Muzzleloading and More Enterprise! We are the new owners; Ken and Sherry Kinkaid, also known as Knief and Pok a Dot. Our family has been shooting muzzleloaders for over 20 years. Our four boys love to shoot and our 8 grand kids love to rendezvous. We are members of the Forest Hills Black Powder Brigade located in Hopewell, Oregon. I’m currently the president of the club. Sherry has been the vice president of the club as well as Booshway and Segundo of past rendezvous.

We love to rendezvous. We’ve attended several rendezvous’ throughout Oregon, including the Pacific Primitive Regional Rendezvous which is a weeklong primitive rendezvous. We have also done some educational encampments at some of our local state parks. I like to hunt deer and elk with my .54 cal. T/C traditional muzzleloader.

Sherry and I like the early 1800’s Mountain Man/ Fur Trapper era. We also support the 1700’s, the Civil war muzzleloaders and hunters with muzzleloaders. What era are you?