Purveyor of Muzzleloading Supplies and Accoutrements

Welcome to Muzzleloading and More! We have muzzleloading supplies for blackpowder muzzle loaders. Supplies for hunters and Mountain Man and Civil War renactors.

We carry Traditions, Pedersoli and Lyman firearms. Hornady and Three Rivers amunition. Lee bullet molds and casting supplies. Treso Jags, Powder Measures and Pan Primers. Bridgers Best patches. Flasks, Horns, Possible Bags and Much MORE. Most accessories for Black Powder Guns. We carry Goex Black Powder, for local sales only. We are also a distributer for Tandy Leather products.

We’ll be at several rendezvous’s and Trade Show’s over the coming weeks so you can come and meet us and stock up on any items you need. We are really looking forward to meeting all of you!


EAST ALBANY LIONS CLUB       SPORTSMAN AND GUN SHOW     January 15th & 16th 2022    Linn Co. Fairgrounds           Albany, OR.                            541-812-0371





FRONTIER HERITAGE FAIR      Febuary 19th & 20th 2022    Lane Co. Fairgrounds          Eugene, OR.                            541-689-4281   

HORDE RIDGE RENDEZVOUS 50TH                   Febuary 23rd – 27th 2022                            Cow Girl Hideout                                           Alfalfa, OR.                                                   541-815-7310